Do You Need a Lawyer?

Global Law Guide To Help You Understand Your Rights

Understand how you can determine whether or not you need a lawyer, the lawyer/client relationship, ethical rules that lawyers are bound by and alternative methods of obtaining legal assistance without having a private lawyer. Learn how to find a lawyer, how lawyers commonly charge for their services and questions to ask a lawyer when meeting for the first time.


    • Determining the Need for Legal Assistance

      Learn about whether your legal issue requires the assistance of a lawyer, scenarios that often call for a lawyer’s assistance and your limitations as a pro se party. Also, learn about the role of a lawyer and how he or she may be able to assist you with legal issues involving criminal law, family law, personal injury law, disability law and other practice areas.

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    • Initial Consultation with a Lawyer

      Understand the process involved in meeting with a lawyer for the first time, the characters involved in cases and how you can select a lawyer from the available options. Also, learn about making a list of questions to ask your lawyer when you first meet with him and her and suggestions for some of these questions.

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    • Lawyers’ Ethical Rules

      Learn about how lawyers must follow specific ethical rules when it comes to the practice of law. Learn about which rules may apply in a certain case and the entities responsible for implementing and regulations such rules. Understand what types of actions are prohibited and why. Learn how to verify a lawyer’s credential and how to avoid confronting the unauthorized practice of law.

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    • Lawyer/Client Relationship

      Understand the lawyer/client relationship, privileges extended to clients due to this privilege, limitations on this privilege and the role of a lawyer. Learn about the differences in paralegals and lawyers and how to change lawyers if you are not satisfied.

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    • Payment for Legal Services

      Understand the usual ways that lawyers charge for their services, the use of retainer fee agreements, getting a written document that explains legal services and the reasons why retainers are often required. Also, learn about contingency fee arrangements, how fees are determined, how fees are communicated and how to dispute unnecessary fees.

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    • Pro Bono and Alternative Options

      Pro bono services are sometimes offered as a way for individuals who cannot afford legal services to obtain such services. Learn about pro bono laws, whether you may qualify for pro bono assistance and other ways that you may be able to take care of legal issues if you are unable to afford a private lawyer.

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    • When Should You Call The Police First?

      Learn about your rights, when you should contact police and when you should contact a lawyer. Also, learn about your rights if you are suspected of committing a crime.

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    • Find a Lawyer To Help You with Your Case

      Learn about how you can find a lawyer based on your geographic area and the practice area that your case involves. Understand how you can access information about different lawyers and how to find lawyers in specific areas and how you can verify their credentials. Learn how connects potential clients and lawyers.

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